Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Goals

Being one of Singapore’s pioneer companies, UEL plays a crucial role in the physical landscape and economic development of Singapore. The Group is committed to managing and growing our businesses in a sustainable manner by preserving and limiting our impact on the environment, upholding our ethos and sound business practices and improving social well-being of our communities so as to build a better place for the future generation.

Our Approach

We continuously strive to manage the energy consumption of our properties through effective energy management system so as to minimise the Group’s impact to the environment. In addition, the Group has established policies and targets to measure and monitor its environmental performance.

At UEL, we value our employees who play an important part to help grow our businesses. Equal opportunities are provided to develop their knowledge and skill to the fullest, and career progression.

The Group is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety at its workplace and across all its properties to ensure a healthy workforce and a safe environment for our guests, tenants, suppliers, contractors and service providers.

Corporate Governance
To be a company of choice of our customers, we are committed to uphold high standards of corporate governance and zero tolerance to any form of corrupt or unethical behaviour.

All employees are required to adhere to the Code of Business Ethics (COBE). They are also encouraged to raise any concern on possible improprieties through formal channels.

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